Diep.io tanks guide – all classes and upgrades

Diep.io tanks guide – all classes and upgrades

Diep.io tanks guide

Newly launched Diep.io already established as an addictive massively multiplayer crazy online adventure game where you have to direct your tanks to obliterate rivals while advancing character and tactics. You need to shoot obstacles and rival players to boost your tank level. Here we included all the classes and upgrades of diep.io tanks that could improve you abilities –

Diep.io tanks – list of classes

Diep.io presents 4 varied tank classes that emerge whenever you arrived at level 15. You must pick one class of 4 opening tank classes that the game offers. Every class presents its individual exclusive advantages –

1) Twin Class – Includes a second gun firing at equal rate.
2) Sniper Class – Boosts the sort of vision and the bullet spoil. It’s a class with slower firing.
3) Machine Gun Class – Gun boosts the point of view and fires bullets speedier
4) Flank Guard Class – Shoots in 2 dissimilar courses

Once you reached at levels 30 and 45, these tank classes improve to even additional dominant tanks class like –

Level 15 – Twin class
In Level 30 Twin class to -> (Triple Shot) (Twin Flank)
In Level 45 Triple Shot class to -> (Triplet) (Penta Shot)
In Level 45 Twin Flank class to -> (Octo-tank)

Level 15 – Sniper class
In Level 30 Sniper class changes to -> (Assasin) (Overseer) (Hunter)
In Level 45 Assasin class changes to -> (Assasin II)
In Level 45 Overseer class changes to -> (Overlord) (Necromanc)
In Level 45 Hunter class changes to -> (Hunter II)

Level 15 – Machine Gun
In Level 30 Machine Gun class to -> (Gunner) (Destroyer) (Machine Gun II)
In Level 45 Gunner class to -> (Gunner II)
In Level 45 Destroyer class to -> (Destroyer II)
In Level 45 Machine Gun II class to -> (Destroyer II) (Machine Gun III)

Level 15 – Flank Guard
In Level 30 Flank Guard class to -> (Tri-angle) (Quad-tank) (Twin Flank)
In Level 45 Tri-angle class to -> (Tri-angle II)
In Level 45 Quad-tank class to -> (Octo-tank)
In Level 45 Twin Flank class to -> (Octo-tank)

Recently developer introduced a new tank class named Necromancer class. In level 45 you have a preference to choose Overlord or Necromancer. While initially the Necromancer comes to execute nothing extraordinary, however if you come into a collection of figures you’d generally be firing at, that’s when the wonder occurs. Those figures unexpectedly turn into you followers, heading in whatever route you drive them. As the knock further figures, they turn into an even bigger, creating an unbelievable protect or forcing extensive spoil if they go towards a rival.

Select classes cautiously, as a few have drawbacks. Sniper class will not be capable to place themselves well if a twin fire constantly in his way; however this class is fine in opposition to Destroyers.

Diep.io tanks – list of upgrades

Diep.io offers eight varied upgrades for you to apply. While leveling up tank, at left a menu emerges to apply upgrades. Here is the list of upgrades –

1) Health Regen – Boosts the life revival speed.
2) Max Health – Boosts the maximum existence
3) Body Damage – Recovers the injure that occur for crash with rivals or obstacles
4) Bullet Speed – Boosts the rapidity of the bullet
5) Bullet Penetration – Projectiles run through barriers and rival players
6) Bullet Damage – Boosts the harm made by bullet
7) Reload – Gap reduced projectiles
8) Movement Speed – Boosts movement rapidity

All of these upgrades apparently carry its individual collections of advantages and as you consider the tank classes you are moving to select, you’ll desire to insert gracious upgrades.

Carefully use classes and upgrades of Diep.io tanks according to your objective while fighting against rival players. To take a better position among other players, you need to apply some great strategy and attack on your rivals. Diep.io looks bit tougher than further .io games but don’t get disheartened, just remain to move ahead, shoot and stay away from your rivals and then finally hope you will achieve a top position.


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