How to get different colored toads in Super Mario Run


Guide to get different colored toads in Super Mario Run

How to get different colored toads in Super Mario Run: Super Mario Run is now one of the most played games in the whole world. This game was introduced by the famous gaming company Nintendo. This game is the company’s starting in the mobile gaming industry though, but from the beginning it has seen a huge success. With several modes to play with, you can collect more toads as your citizens and build your own kingdom in this game. But the game comes with the basic toads and if you want to collect different colored toads you have to put some efforts in it. Here we will show you how to unlock the toads of different colors including purple yellow Blue green and other colored

Check which toads are on the line

To collect toads of different colors, first you have to see which colored toads are on the line. How to do that? Simple. From your Kingdom Builder screen go to the “Toad Rally” section and watch your opponents. Watch which color of toads they have and then invite him for a face off to earn his toads. But with it, you can only earn Red, Blue and Green ones. Wondering about the others colors? Like Purple or Yellow? Well, here’s the trick for all.

How to unlock the toads

Know one thing, you have to finish the levels one by one to unlock the colored toads. The far you go, the more colored toads you are offered. For example, if you finish the first world, you will be given the opportunity to unlock the Green and Purple. Similarly, with the successful completion of the second world, Blue and Yellow are unlocked.

How to get Green and purple Toads

As you may know color Toads can gain based on how much you’ve completed in core campaign. To achieve Green and Purple Toads, you have to finish the whole first World. Once you finished, you’ll get an alert that fresh levels have been inserted to Toad Rally, letting you to participate against fresh rivals and get even additional colored Toads.

How to get Yellow and Blue Toads

Process to get Yellow and Blue Toads just same as Green Purple, but, you have to finish the second World.

Now that you know the tricks, enjoy. Happy running.

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