How to pair pokemon go plus with Smartphone

How to pair pokemon go plus

How to pair pokemon go plus

The Pokemon Go plus device is already launched, the wearable device prices $35 and you should be capable to get it from different online store including Amazon and GameStop. If you already got it there are still many things to find out about how this wearable device works. Here we like to talk about How to pair pokemon go plus with iPhone or Android phone.

Pairing your Pokémon Go Plus with the game is basically very easy, just follow the lines below to connect it with your phone app –

  1. Activate bluetooth of your Smartphone.
  2. Open the Pokémon Go game
  3. Choose the menu by selecting the poké ball from the underneath.
  4. Use ‘Settings’ from top-right corner of the screen to pick the Pokémon Go Plus selection.
  5. Push the Pokémon Go plus button at center.
  6. Your wearable Plus device will now come into view in “Available Devices” list on your Smartphone.
  7. Choose your Pokémon Go Plus device to join up it with Smartphone app.

That’s all, now you can utilize your Pokemon Go Plus device together with augmented-reality game Pokemon Go. If the device flashes red and vibrates numerous moments, your bond with smartphone app has been lost or you’re too distant away from your smartphone. Then you should pair again to continue.

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