Pokemon GO tips: how to evolve Pokémon

Pokemon GO tips: how to evolve Pokémon

Pokemon GO tips: how to evolve Pokémon

Pokémon GO is a completely new kind of game from the long-succeeding series that will put you outer to move around nearby to capture virtual creature who come into view throughout the real world. The game presents an exceptional capturing method where you need to throw a pokéball with the correct strength and at the correct time to confirm a winning catch. You may found we are trying to add some tips and guides for players for better gaming experience. In this page we will talk about the evolve process which will help you to make a huge boost of CP (combat power) and more dominant in Gym battles .

While playing you need to level up your Pokemon, if you like to battle at gyms. The combat power (CP) stat assists your characters to be further powerful in opposition to lesser or equally ranked rivals at Gyms battle and advancing it can as well boost hit points and stability of your Pokémon. Evolving as well assists on Gym actions including your Pokémon receives a massive CP and health boost and probably achieves a few fresh capabilities also. Besides, evolving provides you entrance to further entries in your Pokédex.

The game will want two items Stardust and Candy if you like to evolve. You can achieve Stardust by catch a Pokémon, or trainer level advances. Also when you catch a creature or transfer a Pokémon to Professor you will get Candy. So it’s very important to continue capturing Pokémon while you already caught some. You can as well evolve your creatures using 10 pieces of candy.

Once you’ve got as much as necessary Candy, just move to the main part of the game and tap on Pokéball and then tap on Pokémon button; now you need to choose a Pokémon that you want to evolve. Use Evolve buttons to start the process and get your creature changed.

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